Posted October 19, 2013 by editor in Reviews

Nirnayam Movie Review

526x297-dj1 Nirnayam starring Vikram Anand, Regina, Saranya and Baby Vedhika in the lead. Directed by Sri Saravanan with Vikram Anand, Regina, Saranya and Baby Vedhika in the lead.

The base story is about today’s youth generation who doesn’t mind about borrowing debts and using credit cards beyond their limit and struggling in their life on settling it down.

Vikram Anand who is fighting with his parents and marrying an orphan Regina wants to keep her happy as she haven’t enjoyed anything in her life. Hence he is borrowing money and using his credit cards limitless and stuck up in a financial situation. Its creating a problem in his life and affecting a relationship between this couple. How a financial issue is screwing up his life is the rest.

If we analyze the content they could have delivered this content in 30 minutes. To do it as a feature film they dragged a screenplay like anything which tests our patience in many places. Cinematography is average and background score is OK. In an audio launch and press meets the production house has claimed that this film is a classy one but don’t be able to understand the placement item song here.

On a whole the film that could have been a acclaimed one has been spoiled in a way they have presented.

Our Rating 1/5